Person holding rainbow flag with Peace Sign

Embracing Ahimsa

The practice of Ahimsa, non-violence, can be considered more broadly as a practice of not causing suffering to any being, ourselves included....
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The Integral Yoga End of Life Workshops

By Chandra/Jo Sgammato  "Death Prep"-- Harsh Words Maybe, But Something We All Must Do I am a planner. I like to have things in order, to sweat the...
Sunset photo of two people seated in lawn chairs on grass facing towards sunset while in conversation.

Ignite Your Yoga Practice Off the Mat

The physical Yoga, or Hatha Yoga, was primarily designed to facilitate the real practice of Yoga—namely, the understanding and complete mastery over...

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Padman Interview by Dhāraṇī Diana Díaz Padman, a certified meditation teacher at IYI for the past twenty years, has studied the Eastern spiritual...

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