Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

April 28 – May 21, 2023
Explore the specialized prenatal practices for managing the profound physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transitions of pregnancy and birth.

TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

January 28, 2023


TRE is a simple, gentle, and profound technique that facilitates the lengthening and relaxation of the psoas muscle and the release of physical and emotional tension and stress.

In-person Kids Yoga



These classes for kids, from toddlers through 1-3 years old, are fun-filled, with singing and chanting to promote focus, joyfulness, and self-esteem. Poses and anatomy lessons are appropriate to each age group. Toddlers attend with their adults.

200-Hour Teacher Training, Module 1

February 28, 2023 –  April 13 2023

Module 1 encourages you to deepen your own practice through the study of Yoga as a complete lifestyle science. You will be immersed in an experience of living Yoga for personal and spiritual development.


Integral Yoga Institute of New York is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the practice and teachings of Integral Yoga, as taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda. These teachings facilitate an easeful body, a peaceful mind, a useful life, and, ultimately, the realization of one’s true Self. We encourage interfaith harmony by respecting all the world’s faiths. Our goal is to promote peace in the individual and in the world.

Welcome to the Integral Yoga Institute of New York

Yoga teacher assisting student with forward bend

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Become a certified Yoga teacher or enhance your own teaching abilities with our yoga teacher training and continuing education programs

New to Integral Yoga?

Integral Yoga Institute of New York is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the practice and teachings of Integral Yoga which facilitate an easeful body, a peaceful mind, a useful life

Yoga Classes – In-person and Online

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Integral Yoga Teacher Training – 200-hr Certification

Yoga Teacher
Training Programs

Integral Yoga Institute’s comprehensive certification programs provide a foundation for personal and spiritual development and for strengthening your own practice. Integral Yoga Teacher Training will prepare you to become a knowledgeable and professional Yoga teacher. IYI is a safe environment where students feel free to realize their own potential, gaining respect for themselves and a capacity to be of service to others.


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