An interview Sukha Wong, owner and director of Lotus Palm, is an accomplished certified massage therapist and instructor who believes that Thai Yoga Massage is a deep and meaningful philosophy. 

Sukha Wong

What is the difference between Thai Yoga Massage and Swedish or traditional massage? 

Thai Yoga Massage combines the best of yoga and massage. It is performed on a floor mat in comfortable clothing. A combination of stretches, passive mobilizations, compressions and moving energy is done while the practitioner takes you into different movements. This massage modality can be customized (for any doshic type) by using principles of Ayurveda to personalize a massage session. It can be gentle or deep. Relaxing, calming or energizing. It can be adapted to be done on a massage table as well. 

Swedish massage is a gentle relaxation massage performed on a massage table. The recipients are unclothed but completely covered by a sheet. The practitioner uncovers and covers the body as they massage. Soft Tissue manipulation techniques like kneading, rolling and percussions are done using oils/gets to glide over the body to release tensions.  

Thai Aroma Oil Massage is similar to Swedish massage for relaxation also performed on a massage table. Warm aroma oils are used as the practitioner focuses on Sen Lines (energy line – nadis) by using the thumbs, hands, forearms and elbows to glide over the body to unblock energy and tensions that the recipient might have. It is a relaxing and gentle massage. 

What are the prerequisites for this training? 

As long as you are in good health you can participate in any Thai Massage training. Participants can apply the workshop hours towards C.E.U.’s and/or Yoga Alliance teacher credits. Whether you are already a Massage Therapist or simply want to become a Thai Massage Practitioner, our Thai Massage Certifications are designed for you. There are 6 Levels of training and 3 Certifications that provide the flexibility of choosing your own schedule. 

What inspired you to become a massage therapist? 

My mom. She had an aneurysm and it hemorrhaged in the cerebellum. The doctors gave her 2 to 48 hours to live. We were given a room to help her transition. It was New Year’s Eve and we heard cars honking and people ringing in the New Year. I went to my mom and said to her Happy New Year in Chinese for the last time. She turned her head towards me and tried to mumble Happy New Year. The doctors said that she would not be able to respond so “did I just imagine it”? I asked my sister to wish mom a Happy New Year. She reluctantly did so and my mom turned her head and tried to mumble Happy New Year again.  

My sister looked at me and said, “if mommy is trying to fight for her life, we have to help her fight.” I looked up and asked God to take her now if she was suffering or to give me 5 more years with her. She lived through the night and we asked the doctors to reassess her and put her back on intravenous.  

The second time I looked to God was in the rehabilitation centre where my mom shared a large room with 3 other ladies. As she got better everyday, I would massage her after her occupational and physiotherapy. (I took a Thai Massage Level 1 at Lotus Palm 3 months prior to my mom’s aneurysm). One day she nudged me on the arm and pointed at the other ladies. She wanted me to massage the other ladies in the room. As tired as I was and as a dutiful daughter I nodded and did as I was told. As I was massaging one of the ladies, I looked up to God and asked if this is what I should be doing. I found my calling and I never looked back. My former life ended and my journey began. I dropped everything, quit my job and tried to learn every kind of massage just to try to help my mom. 

Looking back, I should have asked God for 10 or 20 years as my mom lived almost 5 years to the day before God took her for another reason. I had 5 wonderful years falling in love with her again. 

I now own Lotus Palm, the school where I started. 

Inspiration comes from within and influences come from others. One must dig deep in order to find purpose.  


Sukha Wong comes from a long line of Thai Massage Masters from Thailand. She is the owner and director of the Lotus Palm Institute of Thai Massage and Traditional Bodywork and was the understudy of Kam Thye Chow the founder from 2004 until his untimely passing in 2018. 

As an experienced certified Massage Therapist and instructor, she develops courses and applies a holistic life science and life strategy approach that enables her students to reach their full potential. As a martial artist (she is 4th dan black belt in Taekwondo) born in Hong Kong and growing up in Montreal, her East meets West style brings both discipline and body awareness to her teachings. Her extensive travels, teaching and studies internationally has given her the opportunity to expand and offer new and exciting workshops.

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