The founding principles of Integral Yoga Institute New York are welcoming, inclusive and accepting of all. We vow to live up to those principles in practical terms. For too long the Yoga community at large, including Integral Yoga Institute New York, has not been representative of the larger surrounding community. It’s too easy to say that the majority of people interested in yoga are white, and therefore what has happened at Integral Yoga Institute New York is understandable. There are many explanations for this reality but at its core the reason is simply institutional and systemic racism.

Therefore, it is now the stated goal at Integral Yoga Institute New York to eliminate long standing institutional racism present within our organization. We will foster ongoing, authentic dialogue to create a welcoming environment where people of all races, faiths, sexual orientations and gender identities truly belong.

We are committed to developing an environment to optimize the safety and growth of diverse students, presenters, trainers and leadership. To that effect, all our platforms must reflect this diversity, including our social media, staff, presenters, trainers and leadership.

Additionally, we commit to ongoing communication with BIPOC staff to ensure them the opportunity for growth within the organization. We will provide and require anti-racism education throughout our organization. We commit to building a more inclusive and just world.*

This statement will be made a part of the foundation of Integral Yoga Institute New York and will be prominently posted in our reception area, our website, and social media. It will also be communicated and upheld by all staff, presenters, teachers and the broader sangha.


*We are prevented from making any political statements by our founding documents, and by the laws as they pertain to us as a religious and educational non-profit organization.

Last updated June 23, 2021.