Yoga At School™

Yoga At School is now available virtually!
From Pre-K to high school, for students with special needs, and for teachers, staff and parents, we will custom create sessions to increase peace and health and reduce stress. Contact us to book one class, a weekly series, or a whole semester (for phys ed and health credit). Classes are fun and have lasting benefits for all.

Yoga At School classes give students of every size, shape, and physical ability a supportive, noncompetitive, and inclusive form of physical exercise that is fun and empowering.

Yoga helps students improve their health and concentration, find alternatives to violence, and develop a lifelong interest in wellness.

Yoga At School classes, typically 45 minutes to one hour long, include yoga poses, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, and meditation. While a schoolteacher and/or a parent is present, the Integral Yoga teacher provides group and individual attention. We also offer classes for teachers, staff, and parents.

We can help you develop a customized program for your school, including classes for students, teachers, staff and parents. We will also assist you in looking for funding or sponsorships.


Students Love Yoga At School

“I would like to say that yoga is not just about meditating; it is also another way to exercise, and if it hurts it means that you need to exercise more and you can do yoga.”

“I took the Friday 9:15 a.m. Level I class. It was really good—such a well-rounded practice: asana, pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and meditation! Well instructed, and the teacher had a very nice, gentle manner. I loved the class. Thank you.”

“The class was fun, and I think children my age would love to have this class. I hope to have this class again. The teacher was great and was fair to us.”

“It was the best time I ever had. The yoga is all about peace, no violence. I think it should happen again.”

“I felt relaxed and filled up with energy. It was fun, exciting, and relaxing. I will love to have it again. Also, it helped me with my worries.”

Teachers Love It, Too!

“The students need a positive mind/body experience.”

“The class was wonderful for my students and me, too.”


Chandra/Jo Sgammato, Director of Yoga At School
212-929-0585 ext. 74