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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit spiritual organization and rely heavily upon community support. You can get involved in a committee or provide limited general volunteer service. Committees meet about once a week and may require a time commitment beyond the committee meeting. General Volunteer opportunities exist for those that require more flexible hours. Your time is valuable and we are so grateful that you consider offering your time to us.

Committees include:

Marketing Committee – The marketing committee develops and executes the marketing plan, revises approach based on marketing analytics and feedback to custom-promote the varied offerings of the Institute. Reach out to Volunteer@iyiny.org to join.

Fundraising Committee – The fundraising committee develops the annual fundraising plan and works with the community to execute the plan. Support is needed to generate ideas, develop fundraising materials, and engage the public for support. Reach out to Volunteer@iyiny.org to join.

Community Committee – The community committee identifies and meets the needs for the sangha (community). This includes sharing in community members’ joys and challenging periods. In addition they are responsible for cultivating connections, sharing information, and hearing and incorporating feedback from our community to ensure we are meeting needs. This includes developing and fostering our alumni and teacher sangha. Reach out to Community@iyiny.org to join.

Interfaith Committee – The Interfaith Committee is responsible for continuing and promoting the organization’s message of ‘Truth is One, Paths are Many’. Reach out to Prayers@iyiny.org to join.

Racial Diversity and Anti-Discrimination Committee (RDAD) – RDAD is responsible for helping the organization implement and administer practices that advance racial diversity, inclusivity, and spiritual safety. Reach out to RDAD@iyiny.org to learn more.

Communications Committee – The Communications Committee is responsible for ensuring consistent and inclusive messages to our membership across the following communication channels: Weekly Event Emails, Namaste Teachers Newsletter, Community Newsletter, other leadership emails. Reach out to Volunteer@iyiny.org to learn more.

Advisory Committee – The Advisory Committee assists the Board in major decision making and helps to develop the organizational direction. Members are long standing community members that have demonstrated leadership and expertise in other organizational roles.

Core Operations and Oversight Committee – The Core Operations Committee is responsible for providing needed support in core functions and coordinating the volunteer efforts of all committees. Reach out to Volunteer@iyiny.org to join.

General Volunteer – Interested in volunteering but don’t have the ability to commit to a committee? We have general volunteer opportunities in the following areas:

  • Kitchen: helping prepare community vegetarian meals; helping clean up after community meals. (on pause due to COVID-19)
  • Shop: tidying and organizing the shop to ensure it is beautiful and cared for.
  • Events (Kirtans, Concerts, other Special Events): helping set up and ensure operational success for onsite events (on pause due to COVID-19)
  • Office: helping with office duties
  • Facility: light care, maintenance, and other beautification projects


Free classes are available in exchange for service. An hour of service generally equates to a free hour class. Please indicate in your email if you are seeking a work exchange arrangement.

One of the six branches of Integral Yoga is Karma Yoga, or selfless service. We can turn our work into a spiritual practice that aids the recognition of our innate happiness. Karma Yoga teaches that we try to apply our whole selves—body, mind, spirit—without any expectation for the results of our actions. It is the ideal we strive for in our service.

Apply now or Contact Volunteer@iyiny.org to learn more about volunteer opportunities and to find the committee or role that fits you.

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IYI 2020 Annual Report

IYI 2020 Annual Report
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