Yin Yoga to Open the Chakras: Awaken Subtle Energies

Yin Yoga to Open the Chakras: Awaken Subtle Energies with Jayadevi, E-RYT 500

Saturday, May 22 • 2:00–4:00 p.m.

The subtle body is a complex system of nadis, or energy channels, which meet and converge at nexus points called chakras. Envisioned as wheels of light and many-petaled lotus flowers, the chakras serve as internal temples of meditation, through which we can influence the flow of energy into the central channel. It is the expansion and activation of this central channel, the sushumna nadi, that is the goal of all yogic practices. Here our vital life-force energy, prana-shakti, becomes fully realized as the essence of our being and the yogin experiences embodied awakening.
On this guided journey inward, we’ll invite the chakras to open with practices that influence the flow of prana-shakti. Meditative yin postures help to center the awareness while exploring the ancient method of nyasa, drawing elemental energies into each of the chakras through visualization and vibration of bija mantras. Finally, we’ll engage a special yoga nidra technique for clearing the chakras, culminating with a meditation on drawing prana-shakti up the central channel for an opportunity to discover the blissful enjoyment of full awareness and connection with the source of being. Includes Yoga: All Levels
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Jayadevi, E-RYT 500, is an Integral Yoga teacher with certifications in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Accessible Yoga, and Meditation. As a classically trained dancer, she discovered the restorative powers of Yoga while recovering from an injury that ultimately shifted the course of her life. Inspired to share this gift with others, Jayadevi has remained devoted to the practice of Yoga and applies her experience in dance and movement therapy to all her classes. In addition to teaching Yoga, Jayadevi offers guidance in holistic healing by merging her passion for herbalism and aromatherapy with her diverse background in psychology, human development, and East Asian studies. www.jayavati.com