Ohashi Method: Ohashi’s Oriental Diagnosis 2-Day Course

Ohashi Method: Ohashi’s Oriental Diagnosis 2-Day Course with OHASHI

Saturday–Sunday, July 11–12 • 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Long before X-rays and CT scans, traditional healers used noninvasive methods to assess personal health, lifestyle, and character. For the Oriental diagnostician, the body is the physical manifestation of the soul—both symptom and cause. Ohashi compares Eastern and Western approaches to health on the basis of his profound experience of 45 years, explaining the precepts in a language that all can understand. He discusses various diagnoses of the body, including in-depth face‒body diagnosis, focusing on the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, and ears. Ohashi shows bilateral distortion of the body, explains supine-position and movement diagnosis, and demonstrates hara diagnosis.

Ohashi ends the course with his world-famous “shoe diagnosis,” a unique demonstration of the saying “Micro represents macro.” Ohashi has read thousands of shoes worldwide, analyzing the lifestyle, psychology, health, and even financial condition of each wearer, thereby giving helpful and positive advice to many people. This course helps you to view the human and natural worlds with new eyes and to discover physical, mental, and spiritual conditions in yourself and others.

Ohashi’s Oriental diagnosis is recommended for all people—laypersons, professional therapists, doctors, and health and human-service professionals. This class is especially beneficial for Yoga instructors who want to expand their teaching experience.
Tutorials and sessions with Ohashi are available for an additional fee. For more information, and to reserve a space now, please e-mail kazu@ohashiatsu.org.
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Ohashi is the founder (in 1974) and director of the Ohashi Institute, a nonprofit educational organization with schools all over the world. He has taught and lectured for various institutes, such as Esalen, Omega, and Dermalogical Institute; at Rockefeller University, Harvard Medical School, and Logan Chiropractic College; and for L’Oréal Europe. Ohashi has published six books and produced seven training DVDs. A passionate teacher who brings humor and joy to his classes, Ohashi is an internationally recognized master teacher. www.ohashi.com