Lotus Palm Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 2: 5-Day Intensive

Lotus Palm Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 2: 5-Day Intensive with Sukha Wong

Wednesday–Sunday, November 6–10 • 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Beginning with a complete review of the theory and techniques learned in Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 1, you will learn how to perform an additional 60-minute Thai Yoga Massage according to a person’s body type; identify and massage 18 marma (vital energy) points and understand their healing properties; employ preventive measures and therapeutic relief for common ailments for each dosha; add essential oils to your massage; and create a four-session Thai Yoga Massage wellness program that takes into account nutritional, lifestyle, and Yoga recommendations according to a person’s body type.
Prerequisite: Lotus Palm Ayurvedic Thai Therapy Intensive 1
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Sukha is the owner and director of Lotus Palm. Growing up in a traditional Chinese household, massage has been part of her entire life. She is an accomplished certified massage therapist and instructor who has been developing courses for number of years. She believes Thai Yoga Massage is a deep and meaningful philosophy that washes away the stresses and strains of everyday living. Sukha’s ongoing commitment to the integration of body and spirit compels her to inspire others through her teachings. She brings a friendly sense of balance and inner peace to stretching, compressing and energy work.