Fundamentals of Integral Yoga: 4-Week Course for Beginners

Fundamentals of Integral Yoga: 4-Week Course for Beginners with Jayadevi

Monday, April 3–24 • 6:30–8:30 p.m.

Working weekly with the same teacher, who will welcome questions and personally assist you, you’ll become comfortable with all of the poses in the Level I class, as well as deep relaxation, Yogic breathing, and meditation. The course will fully prepare you to attend regular classes at IYI and/or practice on your own. Includes Yoga: New Beginners



Jayadevi is a certified Integral Yoga Levels I and II teacher. As a classically trained dancer, she was inspired to share the gift of Yoga with others when she discovered its restorative powers while recovering from an injury. Since she returned to dance, Jayadevi has remained devoted to her Yoga practice and applies her experience in dance and movement therapy to all her classes. In addition to teaching Yoga, Jayadevi pursues holistic healing by merging her passion for herbalism and aromatherapy with her diverse background in psychology, human development, and East Asian studies.