Ayurvedic Consultations and Treatments with Cory Tixier


Special Guest Practitioner: Cory Tixier

Available by appointment from June 12-July 20. To book an appointment, inquire at the reception desk, call 212-929-0585, ext. 88, or e-mail Spa@iyiny.org.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Initial Consultation: 75 minutes, $150
Follow-up: 30 minutes, $85

Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest healing science on the planet.  Its name is translated as the science of life or the science of longevity, and it teaches you to align your habits and activities with awareness and rhythm in order to promote health and vitality. Generically known as traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda aims to treat the individual as a whole, taking into account body, mind, and emotions.

During your Ayurvedic consultation, you and Cory will discuss in great detail your physical, mental, and emotional health concerns. In Ayurveda we believe that each of us is a result of our environment, relationships, diet, and even thoughts. Therefore it is very important to understand each individual as completely as possible. The conversation that is your initial consultation is a means of getting to know you in order to understand your unique and relative situation.  Through discussion, the taking of pulse, and face and tongue diagnosis, your individual Ayurvedic constitution (prakruti) will be determined, as well as your current state of dis-ease or imbalance (vikruti). On the basis of this paradigm, you will be given guidelines and therapies to begin your journey to health. Your recommendations may include some or all of the following: diet, lifestyle, Yoga, pranayama, herbal formula, Marma, or  Ayurvedic PK therapies.

The initial consultation lasts roughly 75 minutes. In addition, you will have an optional 20-minute follow-up consultation with Cory to determine how well the recommendations are addressing your concerns.  This is most often done via phone or Skype. At the time of your follow-up, Cory may adjust your recommendations if necessary.

Marma Treatment


60 minutes $150


Marma are vital energetic points located throughout the body. By applying pressure to those points we remove energy blocks, pacify elevated dosha, and create physical, mental, and emotional flexibility. This gentle treatment provides an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic transformation at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The marma points are accessed via touch, tuning fork, or gemstones. The session may include an optional nasya treatment, wherein medicated oil is administered to the nasal passages to help remove stress, tension, and aggravated dosha from the mind and the entire nervous system. Marma therapy is beneficial for many conditions, among them muscular and joint pain, respiratory issues, digestive disorders or discomfort, nervous system disorders, anxiety and depression, and low energy or fatigue. It activates lymph and encourages good sleep. Memory and mental focus also benefit from marma therapy. During this 60-minute treatment you will have a brief consultation in order that your marma treatment may be tailored to meet your particular needs and concerns.

Ayurveda is the art of living. If given the space, it can favorably impact your health and happiness. For more information on Ayurveda or about Cory, please visit corytixier.com.

Netra Basti


60 minutes, $110

Bath your eyes in warm purified ghee medicated oil. Ghee is pooled in doughnuts made from flour until your eyes are completely submerged and then left to penetrate for 30 minutes. Recommended in the treatment of conjunctivitis, glaucoma, early cataract, and macular degeneration as well as anyone suffering from sore, dry, itchy and teary eyes. Relieves eye tension, twitching and excessive squinting. Ideal for those whom spend long hours in front of a computer screen.


Cory's Bio

Cory Tixier, B.S., Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner with NAMA, E-RYT 500, completed extensive study with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute, where she is currently on the faculty. Tixier sees private clients for both Ayurveda and Yoga and teaches across the country. Her studies of biology kindled a determination to reconnect people to the rhythms and cycles of their environment, and her teachings are accessible even as they preserve the ancient philosophies. www.corytixier.com