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Kidding Around Yoga NYC Teacher Trainings

2019 Trainings: April 6–7; August 24–25; November 23–24
Taught by Rev. Sam Rudra Swartz

Kidding Around Yoga specializes in transformational blended teacher trainings for folks who work with children ages 2 through 12. Our blended training, which combines independent online learning plus two exciting days of classroom instruction, is full of interesting and fun ways to share this ancient practice with the little ones in your life. You will learn creative approaches to instruction in meditation, breathing practices, relaxation, poses, games and activities, stress management for kids, how to run a kids’ Yoga day camp, kids’ Yoga birthday parties, and much more. We offer a system that is easily duplicated and a course outline to follow that makes it simple to share the science of Yoga with your students.

We have a unique method for teaching New York City kids’ Yoga teacher training through cultural diversity, tolerance, and the embracing of all religions through our very own songs and stories.

Since we do not require a background in Yoga and our focus at New York City kids’ Yoga teacher training is not on Yoga poses, we highly recommend that you take some Yoga classes before the training to familiarize yourself with the practice.

Our main focus is on how to teach you to share the entire science of Yoga with kids in a way that they will understand and enjoy. We have many inventive ways to do that and a lot to teach you in a short period of time.

Trainings 2019

Integral Yoga certified teachers: will pay $450 for this training, a 24% discount. Please e-mail for details on registering with a discount code.

Yoga Alliance hours: 15 contact + 8 non-contact = 23 hours for registered yoga teachers

Teacher Bios

Rev. Sam Rudra Swartz, aka “The Sarge,” is an ordained interfaith minister and certified in Integral Yoga as a Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and Raja Yoga Teacher. He received his Bachelor of Music in Brass Performance, Tuba Concentration from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts Music School in 1996. In 2004, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman from the All-Faiths Seminary in New York City ordained him as an interfaith minister. He holds additional certifications from the Integral Yoga Institutes in Hatha Yoga in 2011, having participated in Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco’s program called Accessible-Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training from Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville Virginia, and Raja Yoga Teacher Training from IYISF in 2012.

Rudra received his certification to “Kid Around,” as a children’s Yoga teacher from Haris Lender and Kidding Around Yoga in January of 2012. He works as a camp counselor and assistant director of Camp Yogaville, at Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville Virginia’s Summer Camp. The loving nickname, “The Sarge,” became common at the summer camp as he showed the ability to discipline the children in a loving way. The nickname has also served him in teaching his KAY classes that he offered at Congregation Beth Shalom in San Francisco, CA.


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phone: 212-929-0585, ext. 64

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“It is so great that KAY allows you to attend [their training] without being a 200 hour certified yoga instructor because so many teachers and professionals can benefit from knowing these stress management for kids techniques… BUT I am so glad I followed up with my 200 hours because, it was about so much more than yoga, it was about life. I had some major changes occur throughout the 200 hour training and I am sure that it was not only because of what I was being taught but also because it was changing who I am. Prior to my training, I thought that yoga was something that you do. However, now I know, that it is a way of life. You can practice your asana but truly living your yoga is another thing. Having gone into the KAY training for the sole purpose of working with my son, I was unaware that it was paving the way for so many great things! Thank you KAY for starting me on the path of yoga!”

“It was a wonderful informative weekend. I just recently completed my 200 hour certification and found through this training just how much love and peace you can bring to the children and to adults – I don’t think I have laughed or played so much in the last 50 years – might I say cried too – KT was a true inspiration, I feel, not only to me but the entire group – what I liked least was ending the class – Thank You to all the people of KAY Yoga.”

“I found the Kidding Around Yoga Program to be extremely creative and child-friendly – while still staying true to the traditional essence of yoga. In addition to a very thorough explanation of Hatha Yoga poses, we were taught several mindfulness activities and meditation techniques that are geared towards kids and are taught in a very appealing way. Translation: they help build focus and concentration and kids just think they’re FUN! Additionally, the musical yoga songs produced by Haris serve as wonderful tools to use with the kids and practice the poses to music – after we have learned how to do them along with the correct alignment. A favorite with my students is the Yoga Slide!”