Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance Teacher Training


Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance Training

December 13–17, 2018 and January 10–14, 2019
with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and Associates

Don Conreaux’s Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance is the world’s premier training for aspiring gong masters and Integral Yoga Institute is proud to be the New York City center for this prestigious program.

Here is a rare opportunity to study with a gongmaster to learn the principles and practices of holistic sound healing. Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux, drawing on more than 60 years of Yoga and sound work, will teach you how to evoke sounds of profound healing energy that you can share in a variety of settings, from Yoga classes to health spas, community gatherings, and more. This system of supportive Yoga is open to all students yet focused primarily on serving practicing Yoga teachers so that they may add the gong to their service to the world.

Awaken your intuition, creativity, and awareness of your healing abilities. Discover ways to remove obstacles that interfere with the innate ability to rejuvenate. The focus of this training will be on transpersonal gong therapy and the spiritualization process. You will experience in-depth the healing power of the gong bath through total immersion in holistic tone. Techniques for emotion/stress release, chakra alignment, and Yogic breath exercises for inducing deeper meditation will be included.

You will add to your knowledge and improvisational skills as a healing tone artist using the bronze gong, singing bell bowl, sacred blowing conch, and vocal overtoning and acquaint yourself with the gong’s esoteric and mystical origins as well as its present-day applications.

This training includes:

Methods of playing gong, bell, bowl, and conch
Overtoning, mantra, and shruti singing
Gong massage for the mind, giving the gong bath, and gong master ethics
Leading gong meditations and therapeutic gong baths
The art and skill of playing singing bowls


Thursday, December 13 • 6–9 p.m.; Friday–Monday, December 14–17 • 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m. and
Thursday, January 10 • 6–9 p.m.; Friday–Monday, January 11–14 • 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m.


$1008 ($908 for IYI teachers and bodywork practitioners. E-mail teachertraining@iyiny.org for discount.)


Interview with Don

Experienced the sacred vibrations of the gong.
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