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Accessible Yoga Training

Fall 2019, dates TBA
Taught by Reverend Jivana Heyman, E-RYT 500, IYM
with special guest presenters

Join the Accessible Yoga Movement!

Accessible Yoga is an international advocacy organization focused on sharing Yoga with everyone. We offer Accessible Yoga conferences, a journal, and the Accessible Yoga Network. The Accessible Yoga Training focuses on how to make the Yoga teachings available to all, regardless of their level of physical ability. We’ll focus on creating integrated Accessible Yoga classes where all students can practice together. We’ll explore the many ways that Yoga practice can be modified to suit students with disabilities and physical challenges, as well as seniors.

We’ll consider how to make our classes welcoming to everyone and how to approach students in a trauma-informed way. You’ll learn sample Gentle Yoga classes, Chair Yoga classes, and even Bed Yoga classes. We’ll look at ways of bringing the Yoga teachings and meditation into your classes and how all of Yoga can be used to support health and healing for every body. We’ll also review common medical conditions so that you’ll have a basic understanding of those issues.

Graduates of the program become Accessible Yoga Ambassadors and connect with a network of Accessible Yoga teachers and students around the world.


Adapted Asana

  • Variations of the most popular asana.
  • Techniques for creating integrated Accessible Yoga classes.
  • Sample modified Yoga classes, either on the floor, in a chair, or in a bed.

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

  • Overview of such common medical conditions as diabetes, arthritis, respiratory diseases, cancer, H.I.V./AIDS, and heart disease.
  • A review of some of the major impacts of aging on all the systems of the body.

Yoga Psychology

  • How to empower people with disabilities by giving them a deep understanding of the Yoga teachings. Includes study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita.

Pranayama and Meditation

  • How to make the subtle practices available for all students, regardless of ability.


  • How to build a strong community among Yoga students to support the transformational process of Yoga.


October 14-16, 2019
Monday through Wednesday • 9:00am-5:00pm


  • $550, register by September 14 and receive a $50 earlybird discount. Sign Up With a Friend and You Both Receive a $50 Discount! You must register at the same time by phone. Call 212-929-0585, extension 16
  • Accessible Yoga Teacher Training is open to everyone whether they are a yoga teacher or not. Yoga teachers will get certified and receive 30 Yoga Alliance hours.


Teacher Bio

Jivana Heyman_crop 2Reverend Jivana Heyman, E-RYT 500, IYM, is the founder of Accessible Yoga, an international organization dedicated to increasing access to the Yoga teachings. Accessible Yoga offers conferences, trainings, and a new online network dedicated to sharing Yoga with every body.
He is co-owner of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, manager of the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco, California, and an Integral Yoga minister. With more than 20 years of training and teaching in the Integral Yoga tradition, Jivana has specialized in teaching Yoga to people with disabilities with an emphasis on sharing Yoga philosophy. His passion is making Yoga accessible to everyone.
Jivana has led more than 40 Yoga teacher training programs over the past 16 years, created the Accessible Yoga Training program in 2007, and currently leads trainings around the United States and in Europe. In December 2015, Jivana was invited to teach Accessible Yoga at the United Nations in Geneva, and he continues to work toward expanding access to the teachings of Yoga.


Integral Yoga Institute offers 500 hours of training in two segments, 200 hours and 300 hours, permitting teachers who graduate to become either an RYT 200 or an RYT 500, depending on the level of training completed. Our 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training program can be customized to fit your individual interests. You may select from our many graduate-level Yoga Teacher Training programs.



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“Jivana’s Accessible Yoga Teacher Training was a tremendous experience. It was filled with a plethora of wisdom and Yogic inspiration. Months later, I am still amazed by the way this information is broadening my teaching style, increasing my confidence, and providing an even deeper awareness that Yoga is for every body. Accessibility is necessary, and what Jivana is doing is creating a path for all to practice and teach with integrity so we can all be free from suffering.” —Sarit Rogers

“I was truly blown away at how much I learned while I was there! I was greatly in need of hands-on, practical applications (and variations) to make the Yoga I teach more accessible than it already is, and I definitely got that. ” —Natalie Dunbar

“I took the training three years ago, and it was the starting point of my ‘Yoga career.’ I’ve been teaching Accessible Yoga classes for two years now and Jivana’s training gave me the perfect foundation for that. In my classes I never feel insecure or unable to cope with my students, and that’s thanks to the training. You not only get the chance to learn to teach people with disabilities; you’ll also deepen your own Yoga practice—both physically and philosophically. Jivana has a great way of including Patanjali’s Sutras in the training, and his warm and inspiring personality has made him a real guru for me. I could just listen to him for hours and hours. So, I’ll definitely recommend taking the training.” —Katja Sandschneider

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