300-Hour Certification

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Integral Yoga 300-Hour Certification Program

For Yoga teachers who have already completed a 200-hour basic certification program, Integral Yoga offers advanced-level teacher training leading to a 300-hour certification recognized by Yoga Alliance. Our program is designed to give you the flexibility to customize your course of study, while providing a complete and well-rounded education in all aspects of Yoga. There are many areas in which you might choose to specialize, including advanced asana practice, meditation and stress management, the philosophy of Yoga, as well as teaching to special populations with particular conditions or concerns.

Students will choose from a selection of core courses and elective courses, applying the hours earned in each training towards a total of 300 hours. There is no specific time restriction within which you must complete all courses, we understand the need to balance work, study, and home life, and hope that our students will find this flexible program well-suited to promoting an easeful journey on the path of teacher training. Upon successful completion of the 300-hour track, students will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Yoga teacher with the RYT 500 designation.

Before enrolling in the 300-Hour Program, participants are required to have successfully completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program registered with Yoga Alliance. The Integral Yoga 200-Hour Hatha Teacher Training fulfills this requirement, as would a 200-Hour certification from another tradition that meets YA standards.

To get started, contact our Teacher Training Manager to discuss your goals and aspirations as a Yoga teacher. We will provide guidance in developing your path of study, ensuring that you meet all requirements for successful completion of the 300-hour program.

Core Courses

Participants must complete at least one of the following core courses:

Elective Courses

Participants may complete the remainder of the 300 hours of training with any combination of the following:

* Please note: not all of these courses are offered every year.  Some may be offered at Integral Yoga Institute San Francisco, or Integral Yoga Academy in Yogaville.  For more information, please contact TeacherTraining@iyiny.org.


Tuition costs will vary depending on the training courses that you select. Each individual training has its own tuition pricing along with payment plan options, special discounts, and scholarship opportunities. Please refer to the description of a particular training under our Teacher Training menu to view the tuition details.


To be eligible for 300-Hour certification, students must have successfully completed a 200-hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training program, or an equivalent 200-hour program from another school recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Teachers of all Yoga traditions are welcome to apply.

Please contact Jayadevi via e-mail at TeacherTraining@iyiny.org to discuss your intended course of study for the 300-Hour program. We will work with you to develop your desired course plan in pursuit of furthering your education, career, and service goals.

Integral Yoga Institute offers 500 hours of training in two segments, 200 hours and 300 hours. Our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program is for students who have already completed their study at the 200-hour level and wish to advance toward the RYT 500 designation. The graduate-level 300-hour program can be customized to fit your individual interests.


E-mail: TeacherTraining@iyiny.org

Call: 212-929-0585, ext. 16

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