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  • Corina Benner
    Corina Benner

    Corina Benner incubates super-heroes. As a yoga and meditation teacher she focuses on awakening students’ inner-teacher; connecting them with their innate wisdom, strength, resilience, and fortitude. While helping them live boldly with authenticity, passion, humor, and joy, she reminds seekers of the astonishing nature of this miraculous existence and the extraordinary beauty of one’s exquisite human body. Her cheerful demeanor, positive vibrations, and contagious optimism empower students of all levels to practice with enthusiasm, while her detailed instruction, poetic language, and intelligent sequencing create a safe space for students to explore the landscapes of their body, mind, heart, and soul. She has enjoyed teaching vinyasa yoga since 1999 and yin yoga since 2004, and mindfulness/awareness meditation since 2015, and she continues to teach workshops and teacher trainings locally, nationally, and internationally. From 2002–2020, she owned and operated Wake Up Yoga, one of the original yoga centers in Philadelphia and has had amazing experiences as a teacher, business owner, and perhaps most of all, a student herself. While she may have actually saved a few lives during her twenty-two years as a yoga teacher, mostly she prides herself on helping to bring people back to life.


Integral Yoga New York


Integral Yoga New York
227 W. 13th Street

Program Description

All of us have had experiences, good and bad, that we can’t seem to shake. Memories arise unbidden, leaving us in a bittersweet reverie, overwhelmed by sadness or simply aching for something we can’t quite name. This Yin Yoga practice offers an opportunity to sink into, make peace with, and release events that you’ve been holding on to; to feel them fully, to know them by heart, to savor the profound impact they’ve had on your life, and to let them go. Includes Yoga: All Levels 

This is an in-person program.


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