• Tinuola Bello
    Tinuola Bello

    Tinuola Bellow moved from London to New York City in 1998. She received her certificate as a Thai Yoga bodywork practitioner and later became a certified Yoga teacher after successfully completing her training at Integral Yoga Institute in New York. The breath is the foundation of Tinuola’s work. She encourages her students to connect initially with the breath before coordinating it with the mindful movement of Yoga or the assisted effort in Thai bodywork. That connection then becomes a place from which to heal and transition. Her Crystal and Gemstone sessions focus on connecting you with the healing powers of various stones and gems that resonate uniquely with you. Tinuola is passionate about her work and enjoys sharing the tools of wellness with others.


Aqua Room
227 W. 13th Street


Sunday, June 12 2022


2:00 pm - 2:45 pm



Stress Management

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