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9:30 am – 5:30 pm




  • Maestro Satya Brat
    Maestro Satya Brat

    Maestro Satya Brat, Founder and CEO of the International Academy of Sound Healing, received training from globally renowned Sound healing experts and gurus. In the last decade, Maestro Satya has been a pioneer of the domain being a key contributor in taking the sound healing concept global.
    Over the years Maestro Satya has traveled across the globe offering seminars and workshops in Sound Healing. During this time, he not only healed people but also built a platform for Sound healers of the future. He is the only teacher in the world who offers regular workshops and seminars in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and India with tremendous success and global recognition.
    Maestro Satya’s passion for healing was ingrained from an early age as scholars specializing in Vedic sciences were regularly invited home by his family. As a child he had a deep interest in Yoga and alternative medicine that materialized with age. He received a degree in Science from Scottish Church College, an affiliate to University of Calcutta, and pursued his interests in healing using his academically acquired scientific knowledge.
    He has pursued extensive study in the field of energy healing for past several years, and apart from having mastery in Sound healing, he is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki, Yoga, and meditation practitioner.
    Maestro Satya is an active social worker—always ready to serve the humanity and associated with several international social service and spiritual organizations.
    For more than two decades, after having worked with some of the highly specialized Spiritual masters, scientists, and musicians worldwide and doing immense research work in the field of Sound Healing with Singing Bowls, Maestro Satya has garnered high authority on Singing Bowls as a product and its therapeutic, spiritual, and musical aspect.
    After his years of learning, experience, and in-depth research work, Maestro Satya Brat has been offering his knowledge in a condensed format in his workshops and seminars worldwide with great global recognition.


Integral Yoga New York
Integral Yoga New York
227 W. 13th Street

Program Description

International Academy of Sound Healing’s Tibetan Singing Bowls Professional Level 2 Training Workshop is one of the world’s most intensive, unique training workshops based on thousands of years old Vedic and Tibetan SOUND healing science to heal the human energy body, chakras, energy meridians, and deep-rooted emotional blockages with the infinite healing potential of SOUND. 

IASH Tibetan Singing Bowls Discussed and Utilized: IASH Master Chakra Set of Singing Bowls, IASH Ancient Healing Set of Singing Bowls, IASH Energy Meridian Singing Bowl 

Registration Eligibility: IASH Certified Professional Level 1 Practitioners only 

Recommended for: 

Medical doctors, health care professionals, deep meditation and yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers, massage therapists, body worker, energy healers, or anyone willing to have an in-depth learning experience with the infinite healing powers of Sound. 


  1. Vedic philosophy and science on the seven Chakras

  2. Introduction to IASH Master Chakra Set of Singing Bowls

    • Demonstration and Hands-on Training: Practical applications of IASH Master Chakra Set of Singing Bowls to heal and balance the chakras, corresponding endocrine glands, all the major organs and psychological activities

    • Basic and Professional healings

    • Pendulum dowsing and individual chakra healing

    • Chakra healing session for groups

  1. Vedic philosophy and science about human energy meridian channels

  2. Introduction to Energy Meridian Singing Bowls

    • Demonstration and Hands-on Training:  Practical applications of Energy Meridian Healing Set of Singing Bowls in SOUND Bath and Detox to heal and nourish us at Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Levels.

      • Basic and Professional Approach
  1. Introduction to Ancient Healing Set of Singing Bowls

    • Demonstration and Hands-on Training: Treatment of Deep-rooted Emotional Blockages and Sound Healing Science based on Ancient Tibetan principles

  2. Introduction to Science of Space Cleansing with Sacred SOUND

    • Demonstration and Hands-on Training: Space Cleansing Demonstration with Ancient Healing Set of Singing Bowls

  3. How to handle clients with a professional approach for the best healing result.

  4. Professional Training to Help people with specific Critical, Physical, Mental, and Psychological disorders.


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