Integral Yoga New York


Integral Yoga New York
227 W. 13th Street


Wednesday, July 20 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm





Self Massage with Guided Deep Relaxation: Healing, Harmony, and Self-Care

This workshop will offer a wonderful self-care option to the whole self. We’ll begin with a brief warm-up of stretching. Then, continuing to work between effort and ease, the workshop will introduce techniques on how to give an effective self-massage to help rid the body of muscle tightness through pressing our hands, fingers, and elbows to various pressure points and other tender areas. You’ll discover self-healing that can increase overall energy and support issues such as insomnia and joint stiffness, therefore, improving immune function. 

Self-massage can also help with breaking down the ‘overwhelm’ from the emotional and mental aspects of ourselves, thus clearing ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us. This will be further enhanced as we conclude the evening with a guided deep relaxation.

Please wear loose comfortable clothes.

This is an in-person program.