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  • Daniel Devatman Givens
    Daniel Devatman Givens

    Daniel Devatman Givens received his Intergral Yoga 200-hour certification in Spring of 2019 and his personal trainer certification in 2010. As a visual and sound artist, writer, and performer, his creative work explores the intersection of spirituality and humanity. A dedicated Karma Yogi, he is often found cooking in the IYI kitchen, or serving as sound man for various events and Kirtans. His musical exploration expanded deeply once discovering the secular and sacred music of Turiya Alice Coltrane and more recently with his work with Larraji Nadabrahmananda. He is currently studying sound therapy with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux. He looks forward to offering the benefits of celestial sounds to the IYI community and beyond.


Integral Yoga New York


Integral Yoga New York
227 W. 13th Street

Program Description

Self-care is the best care. Need a mid-week release from constant busyness that can often consume our mind, wear down the body, and challenge the spirit? This rejuvenation program was developed to support your effort to reduce stress and enhance physical healing. Silence is the place that we tend to go for solace, yet the mind can tend to wander, making relaxation more challenging. Through the combination of gentle guided visualizations with sound vibrations our focus on the present moment is strengthened allowing the mind and body to relax and release. This program offers an opportunity to support you whether at the beginning or continuing your own self-care journey. Participants often find themselves more relaxed and leave feeling empowered and refreshed.

Gentle movements may be offered during the program and are optional. Participants can lie on the floor or sit in a chair for the duration of the session.

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This is an in-person program.


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