Thursday – Sunday, January 13 – 16 2022


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm






Program Description

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to learn, and learn to teach, the basics of gong playing. For the beginner or novice player, the first long weekend of this in-depth course will cover the gong strokes, the 18 areas of gong mastery, and the vital art of self-assessment, which is a must for every gong player. Experienced gong players will learn how to teach beginners and share this amazing art. A deep exploration of gong consciousness, gong axioms for gong therapy, and other lessons in exploring the limitless possibilities of sound healing will benefit the novice and sharpen the skills of experienced practitioners.

It is Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux’s deepest wish to keep spreading gong consciousness throughout the world. So the first weekend will culminate in connecting up beginners and experienced gong students, selecting your “gong buddy,” and setting up assignments and practice sessions in person and/or online, for the weeks before the second weekend.

You will come back together in January and learn to present the gong in public in a variety of ways. How to promote and host gong events, how what and why and for whom to play the gong, and other lessons that will take you deeper into the mastery of this healing art.

Gong Master Rev. Laksmi Scalise will teach you in person in the Lotus Room at Integral Yoga Institute. Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux will come in via Zoom from Los Angeles two hours each day.

Tuition price includes a printed and PDF manual.
For previous students of Don Conreaux’s Gong Master trainings, yoga teachers, or bodyworkers to receive the discounted registration price of $1,714, please email
Strongly recommended supplemental materials are available at a discount during the time of the course.
We will have some gongs onsite but strongly recommend that you bring your own instruments. If you are interested in acquiring a special gong, please email