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Program Description

April 12-28 – Tuesdays and Thursdays • 7:00p.m. – 8:30p.m. E.T.
Recordings of all sessions will be available even if you register past the start date.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity for direct transmission of gong consciousness studying with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux. Delving in and going further into the mysteries of this new frontier through the lens of the irrational fractions—the mathematics of the seen and unseen universe. Explore this little known but powerful aspect of working with gong vibrations. Go deeper and equip yourself with skills for beginners and experienced gong practitioners.

Playing by the numbers is “pure research.” What do we mean by pure research? A gong Zen koan: How do you know what you are looking for until you have found it? This is a state of an open mind consciousness called gong consciousness. “New analogical relationships” create the interconnectedness of an expanded mind: “This is Like This, Which is Like This Is, etc.” This is the “ah-ha!” on the spiritual path, the sudden epiphany or what we call “spontaneous enlightenment.” We say this ongoing gong upgrade births the further expansiveness of consciousness.

In childhood, we might remember experiencing the beginner’s process of drawing or coloring by the numbers. Now in our adulthood, we can again use this beginner’s mind approach of gong playing but in a more advanced state of playing by the numbers.

The irony of the bronze, aluminum, copper, or steel drum gong playing is that in the beginning, when we are just learning to play, it seems a form of day dreaming….the “Alpha State”: Learning through inspiration, intuitive imagination, and innate self-reference. This stays with us throughout our lives and we become more and more, a clear neutral channel for the outpouring of the gong’s Chi (Qi) and from its alloyed solid-state intelligence we are bequeathed with its Chi consciousness, further developing “The Grasping of The Whole: the Alpha and the Omega, and The All That Is and evoking what is called…‘A Descent of Grace.’ When Grace descends from the Heavens—the Akasha—the All that Is—we rejoice!

What’s the upshot for the player/listener?

  1. Much better hand eye ear coordination
  2. Fresh food for new thought and forgiveness
  3. De-materialization of environmental negative influences
  4. Eradication/exorcism of negative ego (ahamkar)
  5. Strengthening of the nervous system/aura
  6. Increasing the benefits of all yoga and meditation
  7. Empower clear etheric/astral projection
  8. Wide awake fullness in deepest sleep
  9. Cleansing mental spaces of miasma/clutter
  10. Reinforcement of self-healing regeneration
  11. Loving authentic spiritualization
  12. Sending pranic healing over distances

This online program is open to all gong players. For beginners, playing by numbers is a wonderful way to begin your gong journey. For advanced gong and sound healing practitioners and teachers, this training will further your personal and professional aspirations, inspirations, and healing and sharing.

The gong, when played appropriately brings Sat-Chit-Ananda….Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. It is Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux’s deepest wish to keep spreading gong consciousness throughout the world. “If you really care, you have to share.

Necessary materials to participate:

  • A gong
  • A keyboard (or piano—we found one online for $44)

Program includes:

  • Live twice weekly (and recorded for personal viewing at your convenience) Zoom sessions with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux, moderated by Gong Master Journeywoman Yaelle E. Shaphir, L.Ac. (aka Acumomma) and special guests
  • Advanced gong mastery topics
  • PDF downloadable handouts
  • Access to the online archive: The Gong Teachings of Don Conreaux (a $50 value)
  • Completion: Certificate of Participation

Previous students of Don Conreaux’s Gong Master trainings, yoga teachers, and bodyworkers are eligible for the early bird price of $549 until the start of the training. To receive this price after the early bird date of March 22, please email

This is an online program. You’ll need to download Zoom to attend. Please see your purchase confirmation for the Zoom link.


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