Saturday, September 23 2023


1:30 pm – 2:30 pm




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  • Ashley Burks
    Ashley Burks
    Detox Specialist | Sound Healer | Wellness Influencer | Luxury Wellness Retreat Advisor

    Ashley has traveled the world sharing her gifts of sound healing, spiritual guidance, intentional living, reiki, and light body activations. She helps people detox mind, body, and spirit through her private sessions, events, social media presence, and global Detox retreats. She works with people of all backgrounds, who are struggling with mental health issues, insomnia, anxiety, depression, or stress to find relief through the power of sound frequencies and energy work. Through her work she has found using crystal singing bowls to be the fastest way to find stillness, inner peace, and harmony in our lives.


    Address to send payment to: 7915 Bergenline Ave Unit 7738 North Bergen, NJ 07047
    Payments/ Donations:
    Cashapp: @spiritualdetoxshop
    Venmo: @spiritualdetoxshop

    Contact info: Spiritual Detox Shop LLC
    Instagram: @spiritualdetoxshop
    TikTok: @ispiritualdetox
    YouTube: Spiritual Detox Shop
    Clubhouse: Spiritual Detox
    Cell: 443-791-6127
    Work #: 888-705-8689



Integral Yoga New York
Integral Yoga New York
227 W. 13th Street

Program Description

Aural Equinox: Journey to Inner Balance with Sound Healing” is a transformative event that invites you to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit in tune with the rhythms of autumn. As the world transitions during the equinox, so too can you find equilibrium within yourself through the power of sound

Join us for an immersive experience where soothing vibrations and melodic frequencies guide you on a path of inner balance and serenity. Let the sounds of gongs, singing bowls, and other instruments wash over you, helping you release stress and align with the natural flow of the season. Discover the restorative magic of sound, as you journey inward to rediscover your own equilibrium in the heart of autumn’s embrace.


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