The practice of Ahimsa, non-violence, can be considered more broadly as a practice of not causing suffering to any being, ourselves included. provides the antonym for violence as peace and kindness. How can we bring this practice into our life?  

You may notice the teachers in an Integral Yoga hatha class actively invite you not to strain. While some may approach yoga class as an opportunity to workout, the Integral Yoga hatha class is focused on building awareness. The class is an invitation to notice where the body may be straining and actively practicing a path towards ease and non-violence. 

We can also practice Ahimsa in our lives, through our speech, actions, thoughts, and interactions. 

  • Examples include:
    • Speaking in a kind way
    • Focus on a vegetarian diet
    • Thinking good things of others and ourselves
    • Reaching out to a loved one
    • Reducing exposure to news and horror movies

For the month of May, consider some ways you can practice Ahimsa. You may want to choose one way and stick with it for a few weeks. Let us know the practice you choose!

For more information on Ahimsa – see the following articles from Integral Yoga Swamis Ramananda and Karunananda published in the Integral Yoga Magazine

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