Prenatal Yoga Classes

Profound physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transitions take place during pregnancy and birth. Techniques such as asana, chanting, pranayama, deep relaxation, and meditation can be effective ways of coping with these changes.

In our classes, an emphasis is placed on soothing practices while movements and asanas strengthen and tone the muscles and organs. Visualization and relaxation practices with the baby are included. Classes are suitable for women who have entered their second trimester of pregnancy.

All of our Prenatal Yoga teachers have completed Integral Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, where they gain an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Our teachers offer asanas well suited to pregnant women, and are familiar with contraindications during pregnancy.


Prenatal Saturdays, 10:15–11:45 a.m.

When your baby is born, please join us for Postpartum Yoga classes.

YA-RPYS-IYIOffering Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training for more than 30 years. Recognized and certified by Yoga Alliance at the 85-hour level.


“I travel all the way from Queens to attend this class– that’s how wonderful it is! Lakshmi is an incredibly talented teacher who leads sessions that both strengthen and soothe. I leave the class feeling energized, uplifted, and inspired. Lakshmi’s guidance and wisdom have benefitted my pregnancy journey enormously, and I am grateful to have found a home at the Integral Yoga Institute.”

—Kristin Strohmeier