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Online Yoga class registration has returned to our MINDBODY. Class pricing options are Hanging In: $7, Doing OK: $14, Support IYI: $21, Extra Support: $28.
Please register at least a half hour before any class.
Need a scholarship? Email

If you already have a MINDBODY account with us that you have only used in person at the Institute and you have given us your email, you’ll see this when you try to create an online account.

This email address is already in use. Please log in or create a new password.

Click on Need new password?. MINDBODY will send you a password reset email with the subject Login Information. Follow the link in the email, set a new password and you are done.

Once you register for your class or workshop, you’ll get an email, with the subject Reservation Confirmation that contains a Zoom link to your class.

To make sure that you receive the email with the Zoom link to access your class or workshop, there is a step that you must take once you have created, or gained access to, your account. Go to MY INFO. Look at the left most column, labeled Personal. Make sure that under Reminders and schedule changes, Email is checked. If you need to change it, click on the word Edit in the upper right corner of the column.

Reminders and schedule changes must be checked

If you have provided a mobile number and prefer texts to emails, you can check that box instead.

Please take care in providing your email address or mobile number. We need your correct information or you won’t receive a confirmation and you won’t be able to attend your class or workshop.


Having trouble accessing your account because we already have you email, and you have not created an online password?
Do a password reset. It’ll work even if you haven’t set one. See the top of the page.
Did you register too late to get into the class?
Registration closes the second the class starts. We can’t fix this. Register at least 30 minutes before class starts. We suggest you register early and often!
Have you checked the Reminders and schedule changes box?
See above for detailed instructions.
Is there a typo in your email address?
If you suspect this is the problem, email us at We’ll check your email and correct.
Are you staff who did not get a confirmation email?
Staff must register client side to get a confirmation email.
Did you purchase a usual onsite payment, such as a 10-Class payment and were unable to complete registration?
Only Online payments work for online classes. Register for class and then complete the payment process. You’ll be presented with the correct options. If you have just purchased an onsite payment by mistake, contact us and we’ll get you sorted out.

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