Help us expand and diversify our board

Help us expand and diversify our board

Integral Yoga New York is dedicated to increasing its diversity, and the board is an important place to start. Having new perspectives on the board is something everyone welcomes, both board and community members.

This announcement contains a description of the role of the New York Integral Yoga Institute board of directors as well as the requirements for selecting new board members.

If you are interested in becoming an IYINY board member, send an email to to discuss the role and the process for completing an application.

Board of Directors Role

The IYINY board of directors (BOD) is responsible for working with the president and executive director (ED) in

  • Developing/updating IYINY’s mission/purpose, vision, values
  • Developing/updating IYINY’s growth strategy and business plans
  • Providing financial oversight
  • Ensuring that IYINY is operating with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with all relevant regulations
  • Setting metrics for success and board effectiveness and regularly reviewing progress against those metrics
  • Recruiting and onboarding new board members
  • Monitoring and strengthening the organization’s programs and services
  • Working collaboratively with and supporting the president, ED, and Spiritual Director
  • Assessing ED performance and providing constructive feedback
    Note: The ED is accountable to the president and the BOD, whose members serve at the discretion of the president of the organization, Swami Asokananda.
  • When IYINY is operating smoothly in all areas, maintaining a positive culture, and in good financial health, the BOD should be less involved in the day-to-day operations of the IYINY. When the organization is going through difficult matters, the BOD and its members may become more involved in order to help the IYINY get back on track.
  • Committees of the board are set up in collaboration with the president and ED. Committees are accountable to the BOD, which is empowered to work with the committee to set goals, assess and report progress, and assess committee effectiveness. Examples of committees of the board are Diversity and Anti-racism, Programs, Finance, Fundraising and Grant Development, Communications, Community, and Marketing.
  • If a committee cannot reach consensus on important points, it shall bring the issue to the BOD, which shall then make a final decision to be honored in letter and spirit by all committee members.
  • Some boards are primarily “money boards” whose principal role is fundraising, especially through personal networks. Other boards are primarily “working boards” whose principal role is to use their expertise to become more involved in the organization and guide it to higher levels of success. Currently, the IYINY board is a working board, which nevertheless gives direction and support to the Fundraising and Grant Development committee.

Adding New Members to the Board

Board member candidates must offer

Focus – Be dedicated to the growth and ongoing success of the New York Integral Yoga Institute and the teachings of Integral Yoga

Personal Practice – Maintain their own Integral Yoga practice/sadhana

Expertise – Bring a current level of expertise in areas required to support the growth of the IYINY. Currently, areas of need include
social media, marketing, fundraising/grant development, and/or deep knowledge of nonprofits

Commitment – Be willing to dedicate the time required to attend board meetings (once a week to once every two weeks) and lead a board committee (those meet anywhere from once to twice a week to once to twice a month)

Collaborative – Know how to communicate collaboratively, express opinions constructively rather than antagonistically, be willing to disagree, and know how to work through disagreement to come to alignment and consensus

Diversity – Given our desire to increase the diversity of the IYINY board, we are looking for new board members who represent diversity in race/color, age, and/or sexual orientation and who understand and will be committed to our position on anti-racism as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (they are not the same).

Candidates who express an interest will be interviewed for the above qualifications. If you are interested in becoming a board member, send an email to to discuss the role and the process for completing an application.

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