September/October 2020

Board Minute Summary
September/October 2020

  • The Board discussed the process for selecting new members to the Board. We want to attract candidates who have valuable skills, as well members who will bring racially diversity to the Board. We would like to have some younger Board members, and possibly people with different sexual orientations. Shankar drafted the announcement and it is being circulated amongst the sangha.
  • The Board affirmed it is completely behind and ready to make a strong public stand in support of the anti-racism work, requiring training for all our staff, teachers, and Board members. Vijai proposed that anti-racism training be a standard part of our TT curriculum.
  • The hearing on our request for real estate tax adjustment has been postponed until December or January. Since we are asking for 100% reduction, the hearing has to be before a certain amount of judge. During the pandemic, there are not enough judges.
  • We have reached out to several teachers and studios to see if they would be interested in renting space in the building. And several yoga teachers from closed studios have reached out to us. So far we have not received any reasonable offers.
  • Hamsa and Asokananda spoke with the CEO of the Open Center about sharing our space, since they recently left their building. He told us that they are not interested in a physical space—they are holding their program online. He said that, though they are earning less income, they are in a much better financial condition due to the lowering of their expenses. He was interested in promoting each other’s programs, and possibly renting a room if they need a physical space.
  • We are zoned as a residential building, but we received a variance years ago to allow the food store to be located on the first floor. That variance will run out if the space is not rented for an extended period. Vijai is advising us on our options.
  • Vijai will give us legal input on the final draft of our Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • It was agreed to form two committees: a Save the Building Committee to advise the Board on how we can stay financially viable in the building, and a Building Advisory Committee to advise the Board in case the sale of the building become necessary.
  • Hamsa wants to create two community committees: a Community Advisory Committee and a Community Operational Committee.
  • Asokananda will write a summary of the Board meeting decisions for the Community Newsletter.

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IYI 2020 Annual Report
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