January-March 2021

Board Minute Summary
January-March 2021

  • Annual report: The report was distributed to staff on 1/6 and emailed to the community on 1/7. Swami Asokananda sent it to Yogaville and others.
  • Executive Director search: Hamsa has offered to remain in the position until July. She is working on a job description. She will be available to guide the new person. Our precarious financial position makes it difficult to offer the person a competitive salary.
  • Grant possibilities: As we pursue grants, we should keep in mind that it will likely take up to two years to bring in significant money.
  • Fundraising: With our appeal for real estate tax relief stalled in the courts and the lack of interest in the rental of the retail space, fundraising needs to bring in $300,000 a year to be sustainable.
  • Marketing Committee: Hamsa and the Marketing Committee are working on promoting our Teacher Trainings as our highest potential income generator, as well as the way to carry on the Integral Yoga lineage. Swami Asokananda has offered to lead an ITT.
  • Recorded classes/workshops: It was agreed that it would be beneficial to start creating a library of recorded programs that students can stream on demand.
  • The IYI received the second PPP for $115,000.
  • The Business Advisory Committee (Shankara Bookoff, Mitra Neuman, Jeeva Abate, Jim Venturi, Hamsa, Rev. Shankar, Vijai, Swami Chidananda, and Ramdas) is preparing proposals to the Board to increase business, clarify our branding, and improve our marketing.
  • The RDAD Committee—Racial Diversity and Anti-Discrimination—(Dharani, Devatman, Tinuola, Subrah, Rev. Lila, Crishna, and Kristen Rae) met with the Board. They shared the need for the IYI to elevate the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and find positions for them throughout the organization.
  • The Iyengar Institute is releasing their physical spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We will reach out to them to see if they have an interest in utilizing our building.
  • Lifetime service award: Prema Pleva will be honored for teaching the HIV/AIDS class for over 30 years. We will offer this award on annual or biannual basis.
  • Financial report: The IYI lost $330,000 this past year, which is about what we projected. Payroll alone exceeds our total revenue.
  • Raising price: There was a discussion about raising the minimum price for the online classes from $7 to $10. It was agreed to leave it at $7 for now. (Most people are paying this minimum price.)
  • Code of Conduct: It was discussed what actions would be taken if someone acts inconsistent with the Code of Conduct. It was decided that there would be first a verbal warning, then a written warning, and finally the possibility of suspension.
  • Reopening: Hamsa and the staff are working on the strategy for reopening the IYI.

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IYI 2020 Annual Report
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